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Handheld device for disinfection using UV-C LED light

  • Only professional product with UV-C diode technology
  • Strong and scientific documented effect
  • Kills bacteria and viruses in seconds
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This puriZAP® device is battery driven. The battery and booster is kept in a waistbag for minimum weight and maximum flexibility in the use of puriZAP®



Quick, handy and effective disinfection. Particularly suitable for items and surfaces that are not suitably disinfected with alcohol - either because it will take too long, because the item cannot tolerate moist or because the surface is too uneven to be effectively disinfected by ordinary means - for example display items, keyboards, telephones, coffee machines, technical equipment, access control systems, control panels, printers and laboratory equipment.


  • High intensity professional disinfection tool

  • High intensity, kills bacteries and viruses in seconds

  • Low weight – only 1 Kg - can be carried around and used all day

  • Slim and ergonomic design – can be used even where space is limited

  • Long life – UV-C LEDs last 20,000+ hours

  • LEDs can be turned on and off indefinitely without wear unlike UV-C tubes, which need to be replaced frequently if turned on and off

  • Immediately works 100% when turned on – no preheating required

  • Delivered with necessary safety equipment and operating instructions

  • The battery and booster is kept in a waistbag for minimum weight and maximum flexibility



Manufactured in Denmark by LED iBond, based on patented and tested technology for high intensity, durability and long lifetime.

Weight 1 Kg (excl. power supply)
Dimensions L x W x H 512 x 57 x 62,5 mm
Kill / desinfection rate 99.9% for surfaces exposed in 1-2 seconds for influenza virus and SARS-CoV-2(Covid19)
Long-life LED light 20,000 hours lifetime
Infinite on/off cycles without loss of lifetime or effect Yes, no maintenance costs
Instantly on Yes, no preheating
Material Extruded aluminium, black anodized., Handle and end cap in black plastic, Power cord and power supply in black.
Noise level 30 dB
UV-C output App. 6mJ/cm2 per second ( 12mm above surface)
Active cooling Yes
Safety spring release Yes
CE certified Yes
Warning label Yes
Power supply Power spiral cord length (battery pack to device): 1.2 meter fully extracted; 0.5 meter contracted, 1 battery and 1 charger for 230 V connection included
Protective equipment Visor and gloves included
Carry equipment Black waist bag for battery included