Stay safe while using puriZAP®

At puriZAP safety is key. It is important that you read the safety instructions and watch the safety video before using puriZAP®.


UV-C radiation is very powerful and harmful to skin and eyes. Working unprotected for even a few minutes can cause injury. 

Safety equipment provided in the package

To ensure safe usage, puriZAP® is delivered with the necessary safety equipment and instructions.


puriZAP® is delivered with: 

- Protective gloves

- UV-C protective face shield

- A safety instruction manual 

Spring loaded safety release

puriZAP® is equipped with a spring loaded safety release, that needs to be pressed in by the user during operation. When the release is not pressed the device stops immediately. This ensures that the device never shines unintentionally. 

This technology provides an extra safety for the user if the device is dropped and when carrying it around during disinfection sessions.  

LED lights on top of handle

Two LED lights on top of the puriZAP® shows when the power is connected and when the UV-C light is active. 

General safety guidelines 

  • Cover your eyes and skin with protective gear. Always use a face shield and make sure your whole body is covered so no bare skin is exposed. UV light is blocked by glass, plastic and hard woven textiles.
  • Make sure all people and animals are at a safe distance of use. Although puriZAP® has directional lights which lower potential exposure of people around the device, puriZAP® should not be used if people without safety equipment are within a 10 meters distance.
  • Disconnect and store the power supply safely to prevent unintended use. 
  • Pay extra caution around reflective surfaces. These surfaces can reflect the light in unintended directions.