puriZAP® allows to gain your customers’ trust and stay competitive

Disinfect contact surfaces in hotel rooms in minutes. With puriZAP cleaning staff can quickly and efficiently disinfect with UV-C light and create a safe and virus-free environment for your guests - without the use of chemicals and wear and tear on furniture.

With puriZAP you can quickly disinfect furniture, elevator buttons, remote controls, menus and keyboards that require extra attention during the corona pandemic. puriZAP also works on delicate materials and textiles that do not tolerate disinfection with alcohol.

By documenting your use of puriZAP through a brochure or on your website, guests can feel extra safe knowing about the hotel's high disinfection standards.


What is puriZAP?
puriZAP is a battery-powered and handheld LED device that disinfects viruses and bacteria with UV-C light. puriZAP eliminates 99.9% of all known viruses and bacteria and is an effective tool in the fight against COVID-19 and other viruses and bacteria.

puriZAP is intuitively and robustly designed. It only requires sensible, light-tight clothing and review of a short security video, then you or your staff are ready to disinfect. puriZAP is battery-powered, and only weighs a single kilo so it is easy to carry around the hotel.

-    Scientifically proven effect: 99,9% kill rate on viruses and bacteria
-    Effectively disinfects surfaces that cannot be disinfected with alcohol
-    Disinfects contact point such as keyboards, elevators and toilets in public buildings and offices
-    The LED UV-C technology makes puriZAP cost-effective compared to other bacterial and virus disinfection methods
-    Slim and ergonomic design – can be used even where space is limited 
-    Long life – UV-C-LEDs have a life of 20,000+ hours
-    LEDs can be switched on and off indefinitely without shortening the lifespan of the device – unlike UV-C pipes which have to be replaced often when switched on and off frequently
-    puriZAP works 100% as soon as it is switched on – no preheating required
-    Supplied with necessary safety equipment and operating instructions
-    Safety video and manual are included for instructions on safe use of the product 


Do you want to know more about puriZAP or do you have questions?

Send us an email at: info@purizap.com or call +45 77346261 and have a chat about what puriZAP can do for your business.





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