What is puriZAP?

puriZAP is a battery-driven and handheld LED device designed to disinfect with UV-C light. puriZAP is manufactured in Denmark and is a useful tool in the fight against COVID-19 and other diseases caused by viruses and bacteria. 


How do I use puriZAP?

You use puriZAP by turning on the device and swiping it over the surface you want to disinfect. Remember to protect your skin against the UV-radiation. Read the safety guidelines on our page Safety. 


What is UV-C light? 

The sun radiates light in three different wavelengths: UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. While UV-A and UV-B can reach the earth, UV-C is absorbed in the ozon layer. UV-C has a very short wavelength. The short wavelength and the fact that UV-C is able to penetrate cell walls makes UV-C useful for disinfection. 


How does UV-C light disinfect? 

Viruses and bacteria use DNA and RNA when they multiply and spread. When viruses and bacteria is exposed to UV-C-light the function of their DNA and RNA is disturbed and their ability to infect a host cell is ruined. This makes viruses and bacteria unable to spread and they are considered deactivated.  


Does puriZAP work on all surfaces?

Yes, but uneven surfaces may require a longer period of radiation than even surfaces do. 


Does puriZAP work on coronavirus? 

puriZAP® has been tested on coronavirus (SARS CoV-2) at the University of Southern Denmark. The test showed that puriZAP® – at a 12 to 100 mm distance - deactivated 99.03-99.94% of all virions after 1-5 seconds of treatment. After 10 seconds of treatment at a 100 mm distance, no viable virus particles could be detected (> 99.97% reduction).


Can I use puriZAP instead of alcohol?

puriZAP is effective on all forms of electronical equipment, textiles, vulnerable materials and surfaces and flammable areas where alcohol cannot be used for disinfection. Because the human skin does not tolerate UV-C radiation puriZAP cannot be used for disinfecting hands. We recommend using puriZAP and alcohol as an integrated solution for optimal disinfection. 


Is puriZAP approved as an alternative to alcohol from authorities? 

Yes, UV-C light has been used for disinfection in hospitals for decades. In 2020 the European Commission bought 200 disinfection UV-C robots for the European hospitals’ fight against COVID-19. Read more about the European Commission's purchase here. 


Which safety equipment do I have to wear when using puriZAP?

To stay safe while using puriZAP you should wear gloves, UV-protective face shield, long sleeves, long trousers and cover your neck and your feet. You do not have to buy special clothing to use with puriZAP. Regular hard woven and light-proof textiles and regular closed shoes are sufficient. 


Can I buy extra safety equipment? 

You can buy extra gloves and face shield at a builders’ merchant.  


Are there any risks in using puriZAP?

If you follow the safety instructions, it is safe to use puriZAP. Your whole body should be covered by light-proof clothes, gloves, closed shoes and UV-face shield. 


How is puriZAP different than the other models on the market? 

puriZAP uses energy-efficient LED diodes as light source as opposed to fluorescent tubes that contains mercury. This means longer lifetime, less environmental impact and a more robust device.

Old-fashioned UV-C lamps with fluorescent tubes must “heat up” before they are fully functional, this results in rapid wear when switched on and off frequently. puriZAP works as soon as it is turned on – and the on and off does not wear out on the device. This means that puriZAP has a up to three times longer lifetime than mercury-based UV-C lamps.


With a puriZAP LED solution, you get an environmentally friendly, robust and more durable UV-C device.


How much does puriZAP weigh? 

puriZAP weighs one kilo. The device is ergonomically designed so it is easy to carry. 


How long does the battery on puriZAP last? 

When the battery is fully charged puriZAP can be used without stopping for an hour and a half. It takes three hours to charge puriZAP fully and the battery can be recharged 500 times before it needs to be replaced.