Desinfect clinics with uv-c light

puriZAP® - effective disinfection with UV-C

Create a safe clinic for your patients and staff with UV-C disinfection.

Waiting rooms, medical equipment, keyboards, printers and upholstered furniture are virus and bacteria magnets. In clinics and waiting rooms, the risk of spreading the infection is high. It places high demands on the cleaning - especially in these pandemic times.

puriZAP® is a battery-powered and handheld LED device, designed to disinfect viruses and bacteria with UV-C light. puriZAP® is an effective tool in the fight against COVID-19 and other pathogenic viruses and bacteria. UV-C light has long been used in operating rooms in hospitals, and with puriZAP®, the effective technology can now be brought into smaller clinics.

With puriZAP®, you can easily, mobile and fully flexibly disinfect all critical surfaces in your clinic. Electronic equipment, chemically vulnerable furniture and waiting rooms can be disinfected in minutes. With puriZAP®, disinfection is so effective that you can swipe your facilities between each patient.

With the correct use of puriZAP®, you achieve a high and documentable level of disinfection - without the use of chemicals and without inappropriate wear and tear of furniture.


What is puriZAP?

puriZAP® eliminates and disinfects 99.9% of all known viruses and bacteria.

puriZAP® is intuitively designed and robustly designed. It only requires sensible, light-tight clothing and review of a short security video, then you or your staff are ready to disinfect. puriZAP® is battery-powered, and with a weight of only a single kilo, it is easy to use and easy to store away.



  • Strong scientific documented effect: 99.9% kill rate on virus/bacteria 
  • Due to UVC technology, puriZAP® is cost-efficient compared to any other bacteria/virus disinfection methods
  • Allows quick and effective disinfection in high-risk areas such as waiting rooms or public spaces with many patients and visitors
  • Allows quick and effective disinfection in clinics between patients
  • Suitable for disinfecting medical instruments, training/massage equipment


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