Desinfect with uv-c light

puriZAP® - offer your customers effective disinfection with UV-C technology.

The corona pandemic has put hygiene on the agenda and increased the requirements for professional cleaning.

With puriZAP®, you can provide your customers with fast and efficient disinfection with UV-C light for top-class safety.

puriZAP® is a battery-powered and handheld LED device, designed to disinfect viruses and bacteria with UV-C light. puriZAP® is an effective tool in the fight against COVID-19 and other pathogenic viruses and bacteria.

With puriZAP®, your staff can disinfect notepads, sofas, curtains, keyboards and other vulnerable electronic equipment without damaging them with chemicals of any kind. puriZAP® eliminates and disinfects 99.9% of all known viruses and bacteria and is an obvious supplement to water, soap and alcohol.

With puriZAP® you get a strategic advantage that can position your company among the competitors.


What is puriZAP?

puriZAP® is intuitively designed and robustly designed. It only requires sensible dressing and review of a short safety video, then your staff is ready to disinfect with UV-C.

puriZAP® is battery-powered, and with a weight of just a single kilo, it can easily be carried along with the other cleaning items of the working day.



  • Strong scientific documented effect: 99.9% kill rate on virus/bacteria 
  • Due to UVC technology, puriZAP® is cost-efficient compared to any other bacteria/virus disinfection methods
  • Effectively disinfects surfaces which cannot be disinfected with alcohol
  • Disinfects contact points such as keyboards, elevators and toilets in public building and offices
  • Suitable for emergency disinfection following return to work after lock-down
  • Allows to stay ahead of customer demand and offer a highly innovative solution
  • Possibility to charge extra for high-quality disinfection service


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